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Heal Prostate Cancer Naturally – Anti-Cancer Foods

From a western nutritional perspective, we know that including an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats helps to strengthen our overall health, improve cardiovascular health, and create strong immunity systems. A Chinese nutritional perspective embracees those ideals and expands the role of food as medicine in acknowledging that certain types of… Read More »

Vitamins For Joint Pain – Nutritional Therapies to Heal Inflammation and Pain

Arthritis and joint pain can be a debilitating condition for most sufferers. A reduction in the cartilage tissue that cushions the joints is the primary symptom of both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Although they have different causes, most diseases that cause joint pain are characterized by high levels of inflammatory. Because conventional medicine has little… Read More »

10 Benefits of Bladderwrack – Heal and Cleanse Your Body With Bladderwrack

Bladderwrack is another form of Kelp, with very high amounts of nutrition. It is mainly used to treat the thyroid because of its high amounts of Iodine. This seaweed is great for helping with weight-loss because of its ability to boost metabolism. It is also commonly known to treat arthritis and inflamed joints because of… Read More »

11 Health Benefits of Carob – Cleanse and Heal Your Body With Carob

The seeds of a Carob tree are wonderfully nutritious and beneficial to human health. Belonging to the pea family, and native to the Mediterranean area, the dried fruit is often used as a substitute for ingredients in foods such as dairy products, cocoa, snacks and bars, and cereal. It’s loved by people whom are allergic… Read More »

To Heal Self

A heavily laden fog dripped down my mare's legs as she pranced excitedly beneath me one unusually damp Friday morning in late September, 2002. Holding the slick reins in check, I explained at the crest of the trail. The steep wet asphalt lay before us disturbing, but not as much as the premonition which caught… Read More »