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How to Remove Uric Acid From Blood and Get Rid of Gout Naturally

Wondering how to remove uric acid from blood naturally? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll discover how to reduce uric acid using 3 simple gout home remedies. Gout is cause by high uric acid levels in your blood. When high uric acid is present needle-like microscopic crystals can form in your joints.… Read More »

Easy Uric Acid Cure – How to Eliminate Uric Acid Gout in 2 Hours With Bicarbonate of Soda

Here, you’ll discover a simple uric acid cure using bicarbonate of soda. When suffering from gout many folks first thoughts are drug-based treatments. But something as simple as a bicarbonate of soda drink can eliminate the pain and symptoms of gout pretty quickly. More and more sufferers are turning to natural treatments to eliminate their… Read More »

Gout – What Is It?

Gout is the most dreaded form of arthritis that comes with intense and anguishing pain. Gout has been known over the centuries as a disease that affects only the aristocrats. As such it was also known as “The disease of the kings”. The root cause of gout is the excessive build-up of uric acid in… Read More »

Gout NSAIDs – How to Disfigure Your Joint and Cause More Pain

Gout NSAIDs have been a popular topic lately because of their utter ineffectiveness when it comes to treating gout. Because nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are most doctors' best treatment for this painful form of arthritis, many sufferers are trying simple alternative home treatments to cure gout. If you are interested in causing more pain in… Read More »

Can Gout Kill You?

On a pain scale of one through ten, with ten being tops, most gout sufferers would rate it eleven. The pain is so intense that anything touching the area…including a bed sheet…is too heavy. All you can think of is making it stop. Once you’ve achieved that, you want to prevent its recurrence, which is… Read More »