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Why Aloe Vera Is Good For Adult Acne Treatment

Acne refers to a skin disorder characterized by scaly red skin (parts of the skin with seborrhea), scarring, large papules (nodules), comedones (white heads and blackheads), and pustules (pimples and papules (pinheads). Acne mostly affects old men and women and it mostly affects skin parts containing numerous sebaceous follicles such as the back, upper area… Read More »

Essential Oils – Patchouli – A Valuable Skin Remedy Good For Snake and Insect Bites

Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) sometimes spelled patchouly, is in the mint family of botanical plants and grows as a perennial herb. The essential oil comes from Indonesia and India. This oil is often added to perfumes because of its aphrodisiac affect. Patchouli is used in the East generally to scent linen and clothes and it is… Read More »

Benefits of Chamomile Tea: Proven for Better Sleep and Good Health

Chamomile flowers are a member of the daisy family with their bright gold cones shining in the center of white petals. With more than one million cups of chamomile tea consumed every day and supplements of chamomile capsules, liquid extracts, ointments, and essential oils in wide use, chamomile is one of the most highly used… Read More »

Is Herbal Tea Good for Better Sleep? Using Herbal Teas to Gain Better Rest

For centuries, herbs have been used to induce a good night’s sleep. Though ancient society relied on them heavily to cure insomnia, many today rely on pharmaceutical solutions. These can often leave one feeling groggy while herbal remedies typically do not. The most common way to consume herbs as a sleep aid is in tea… Read More »

Is Drinking Coffee While Taking Natural Breast Enlargement Pills And Supplements A Good Idea?

Do you plan to make your breasts bigger with breast enlargement pills made from natural herbs and plants? Are you wondering whether you should cut down on coffee drinking while using herbal breast enhancement supplements? In that case I suggest you read what I have to say about it below. Coffee Can Decrease The Effects… Read More »