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Chronic Pancreatitis Could Mean Liver and Gallbladder Problems

What should you do after you or a loved one has been discharged from the hospital after an attack of acute pancreatitis? Should you try to get on with your life and pretend the pancreatitis attack didn’t happen? Each year, a large number of people are hospitalized with acute pancreatitis, a sudden and painful swelling… Read More »

Avoid Gallbladder Surgery – 5 Simple Gallstones Remedies to Try Before Surgery

Thousands of people will do anything they can to avoid gallbladder surgery this year. And if I had gallstones, I would do everything I could to save my organ, the gallbladder. Because you NEED it! Unfortunately, about a half a million people do get their gallbladder surgically removed. And another half a million are diagnosed… Read More »

What You Do Not Know About Gallbladder Removal

These data are taken from the medical literature. • More than 700,000 Americans have removed their gallbladders annually. • After gallbladder removal surgery-cholecystectomy about 10-15% of patients ever will have pain and digestive problems; It is known as a postcholecystectomy syndrome. • The common symptoms of the postcholecystectomy syndrome are pain, gas, bloating, indigestion of… Read More »

What are gallbladder stones?

Explaining what gallbladder stones / gallstones are, how they form, who gets them and what complications they can lead to. Sick Notes is Dr Ed Hope’s guide to medical terminology in plain-English. For concise #1minutemedicine check out my Instagram: Insta: https://www.instagram.com/drhopesickn… Else: Twitter: https://twitter.com/drhopesicknotes FB: http://facebook.com/drhopesicknotes Any requests for videos to cover please drop them… Read More »

Liver, Sphinster of Oddi, and Gallbladder Disorders May Trigger Chronic Pancreatitis

A significant number of people suffering from acute pancreatitis, end up in the hospital. An episode of acute pancreatitis can include abdominal pain, nausea, bloating, fever, etc. The pancreatic bout can be sudden and painful. Having a swollen pancreas is not enjoyable. Once the symptoms and the episode have subsided, usually patients are discharged. Often,… Read More »

Gallstone Flush – A Gallstones Alternative Treatment to Try Before Gallbladder Surgery

A simple gallstone flush is all your need to do to avoid having your gallbladder removed. However, only a fraction of the people who have a gallbladder surgery try a gallstones alternative treatment! If you are scheduled for a cholecystectomy and you recently have been diagnosed with cholesterol-based gallstones, you can try to pass them… Read More »