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How to Find the Most Suitable Hair Loss Treatment and Increase the Chances of Stopping Hair Loss

Introduction There are several types of hair loss and balding. While the mechanism of the phenomenon of hair loss and baldness is not fully understood, there is vast knowledge on the ability to treat the types of hair loss and baldness by medication or natural means. We are dividing the alopecia types into treatable and… Read More »

How to Find a Natural Treatment for Dog UTI

Frequent and common occurrences of urinary tract infections, caused by the E. coli bacteria can cause serious complications such as a life threatening kidney infection. Also, your dog may have diabetes which can cause the pH of the urinary tract to become unbalanced creating an unhealthy environment ripe for infection. Kidney and bladder stones can… Read More »

Find Beneficial & Natural Remedies For Insomnia Through Ayurveda

Insomnia is also known as ‘anidra’ in Ayurveda. According to Ayurvedic scholars, the ‘pitha’ and the ‘doshas’ are the main reasons for giving you sleepless nights. It is a deprived condition wherein a person doesn’t have proper rest and sleep, which affects his entire health and daily functioning. Some prime causes for insomnia are a… Read More »