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A Safe, Easy Treatment of Dogs Urinary Problems

You know your dog is experiencing discomfort and you are having a time holding your temper as you clean up all his piddles. There are some great non-prescription, natural treatments available for treatment of a dog's urinary problems. Here 'how to start. Dog's urinary problems can be uninterestingly for the dog and the dog parent,… Read More »

Tips on Natural Treatments for Arthritis in Dogs From a Holistic Veterinarian

Winter cold and damp spring weather can cause extra aches and pains to older pets' joints due to arthritis. In the initial stages, signs of arthritis can be subtle. Arthritis (also called degenerative joint disease, DJD, or osteoarthritis) is the result of chronic wear-and-tear or injury to the joint. Cartilage becomes thinner or even disappears;… Read More »

Natural Pet Store: How Can One Benefit Your Dogs, Cats, and Other Pets?

A Natural Pet Store is a retail establishment that places a greater focus on more natural, and often higher quality, products as opposed to your average pet store. Generally, the proprietor of such an establishment is going to have a more holistic philosophy and is going to realize the importance of healthy nutrition, quality supplementation… Read More »

Dog Supplements That Work – Get an Energy Tonic to Boost Your Dog’s Performance Power

When you hear the expression top performer you immediately think of show dogs or working dogs. These are dogs that must be kept in tip top condition in order to perform well. These dogs also look beautiful because of their top condition. They look healthy because they have shiny coats, bright eyes, are extremely alert… Read More »

Vestibular Disease in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Vestibular system aids in providing equilibrium and a sense of spatial orientation to dogs. But a dysfunction can have serious effects on the balance systems of the dog’s body. This system includes the parts of the inner ear and brain, which are responsible for the balance and eye movements. If the network is damaged by… Read More »

A Study on Canine Distemper And Places For Natural Remedy For Dogs

Today, there are many places provide natural remedy services for dogs and offers a less conventional form of treatment for illness or injury. The reasons why using Nature's herbs for pets: – Majority of the remedies product have all been tested by Veterinarians. – Usually the nature remedies are specifically formulated for cats or dogs… Read More »

Poisonous Plants in Gardens and Parks – A Danger to Dogs and Cats

Oleander: The stomach symptoms, like salivation, vomiting, diarrhea, are in the foreground. Other symptoms include arrhythmias, cardiac arrest, dilated pupils, cramps and hypothermia and coughing with respiratory distress. Yew: The whole plant is highly toxic. The most common poisoning is caused by careless handling of garden waste. Hyper-acute to acute poisoning occurs. The following symptoms… Read More »