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Itchy Dog – Natural Treatment Concepts for the Jack Russell Terrier

Canine atopic dermatitis is extremely common in the Jack Russell Terrier. This terrible skin condition causes the skin to become very inflamed, red and itchy. The itchy skin causes constant scratching and constant itching. The itchy Jack Russell Terrier will chew the feet and scratch the abdomen, groin and arm pit (axilla).Ear problems are common… Read More »

6 Effective Remedies to Treat Dog Urinary Tract Infections Naturally

It is a possibility that you might have deal with a urinary tract infection once in your lifetime. It can be a very painful and uncomfortable position to be in. But at least you can react by telling someone about how you are feeling. But think about the same predicament in your furry pal. If… Read More »

Dog Supplements That Work – Get an Energy Tonic to Boost Your Dog’s Performance Power

When you hear the expression top performer you immediately think of show dogs or working dogs. These are dogs that must be kept in tip top condition in order to perform well. These dogs also look beautiful because of their top condition. They look healthy because they have shiny coats, bright eyes, are extremely alert… Read More »

Vegetarian Pet Food – The Advantages and Disadvantages of Putting a Dog on a Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian pet food, unlike most food intended for our pets, contains absolutely no meat or meat byproducts. Many pet owners are leery about feeding their dogs a strictly vegetarian diet. After all, dogs are generally perceived as being carnivores. However, for some dogs with certain health conditions such as allergies, a vegetarian food may indeed… Read More »

Is Your Dog Eating Poop? – 9 Causes and How to Put Put a Stop to this Disgusting Behavior

Eating their own poop or that of another dog is not only a disgustingly bad habit that many dogs partake in but it can also be an indication of health problems. Abnormal indigestive behavior such as eating poop, rocks, iron, glass, ice, screws, gravel, dirt, or just eating abnormal amounts of food can be related… Read More »