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The Top 3 Things You Can Do at Home to Relieve L5 – S1 Bulging Disc Pain

Alleviating bulging disc pain can be a very frustrating thing for many people, particularly because disc problems in general are very stubborn to heal. After helping people alleviate bulging disc pain over the past 7 years, I’ve found that there are certain things people can do at home to alleviate even the most stubborn pain.… Read More »

Treatment For Herniated Disc In Lower Back – 5 Natural Home Remedies To Stop Pain and Swelling

Some of the most poignant voices are heard from people who suffer a herniated disc and treatment for herniated disc in lower back is very convoluted. What Is A Herniated Disc? Our spine is cushioned by tiny, mushy discs. The main job of these spongy discs is to absorb the shocks endured by our body.… Read More »