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Detox, Toxins and Your Liver – Taking the Mystery Out of Detox

Does anyone know what detox is? Some people do, but there are a lot of misconceptions out there. Just because things are coming out of your body, it doesn’t mean you are detoxing So many so-called detox products have laxatives in them. Taking laxatives, having more bowel movements, having diarrhea and getting ‘cleaned out’ is… Read More »

4 Spices That Make Natural Body Detox Effective

Since birth, the body and its systems have been going through an endless cycle called living. 'Living a life' for most people often involves: working hard, eating lots of processed and fast foods, drinking caffeine and alcohol excessively, inhaling cigarette smoke and traffic fumes, and sleeping less hours every day. Now, if you called that… Read More »