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Ritual Crafting, Part One: The Basics, Conception and Design

The art of ritaul crafting is that of ancients. Practiced since the time of our prehistoric ancients, and now still today in the 21st century. The place of the crafter has always been that of privilege, allowing a special place in simple and complex societies the world over. This path has mainly been passed on… Read More »

Planter Garden Design – A Quick & Easy Guide on Planter Gardens

Whether you’re trying to grow your own food for health reasons or you want to try your hand a little creative gardening, planter garden varieties will give you the ideas you need to create a garden that is all your own. Here are a few presentation and decoration suggestions for your herbs, plants and flower… Read More »

Psychology of Color For Interior Design – Mood Enhancement

Bold colors, such as red, are often limited to little-used space or by people with a bold personality. Red is often associated with stimulation and has been known to increase blood pressure as well as increase appetite. By utilizing the psychology of color for interior design, restaurants may incorporate shades of red to stimulate their… Read More »