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Is S-adenosyl-L-methionine a Miracle Cure For Depression?

Not everyone who is depressed wants to take prescription drugs for depression. Some people experience unpleasant side effects with prescription antidepressants. Many people prefer to take natural substances instead of pharmaceutical drugs, whenever possible. Many people have heard about spectacular results for treating depression that have been achieved with a natural substance known as sam-e,… Read More »

All About Depression

What is depression? Many of us say “I’m feeling depressed” when we feel sad or miserable. But usually, these feelings pass after a while. But clinical depression is when these feelings are disabling and interfer with your life. Clinical depression can stop people from leading a normal life, it makes everything harder to do and… Read More »

Try Herbal Medicine For Depression For Gentle Symptom Relief

On the subject of herbal medicine for depression, St. John’s wort is by far the most popular, effective and research supported natural remedy for depression and anxiety. Not all of the research studies done on this herb reach the same conclusion, but for the most part, it has been found that St. John’s wort is… Read More »