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The Canopic Jars and Nubia Eggshell Jars: Receptacles For The Relics of The Dead in Ancient Egypt

Canopic jars are pottery vessels made by the ancient Egyptians used as containers in keeping the relics of the dead while the Nubia Eggshell Jars were used in storing relevant herbs that were used in the mummification or embalming processes of the dead. These pottery wares were made with strong ceramic material such as porcelain… Read More »

Discover How to Rejuvenate Dead Hair Follicles and Restore Your Hair With Vital Nutrients

It is true that dead hair follicles lead to baldness; but, did you know that you can actually revive and regrow your hair naturally? Yes, you can and this article is going to tell you the natural nutrients that will help you achieve that. The major cause of dead hair follicles is DHT; it suffocates… Read More »