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NoFlam – Cure Arthritis Pain

Arthritis pain is something that affects countless number of people. It is a very painful and debilitating disease that attacks joints. The areas which are mostly affected by the arthritis are hands, knees, elbows, back, neck, and shoulders. There occurs a wide range of medications and treatments to cure arthritis pain including non-prescription and prescription… Read More »

Bhringaraj – The Popular Herbal Cure For Baldness

In tropical areas and wet temperate climates around the world grows a plant with daisy-like, white, delicate flowers called the eclipta alba. This is an herb that was important in ayurvedic medicine, an ancient practice. It is commonly known as the bhringaraj, or bhringraj. Many women and men are interested in this herb to keep… Read More »

Hepatitis Cure – How to Treat Your Liver Naturally

Many doctors will tell you that there is no permanent hepatitis cure. Apart from conventional drugs which just cover up the symptoms, the medical community has very little to offer. The good news is that a new natural approach to treating this dreadful illness is showing promising results without the side effects of dangerous drugs.… Read More »

Natural Heartburn Relief – 5 Natural Ways to Cure Heartburn

Achieving natural heartburn relief is easier than it sounds. People don’t need to purchase harsh antacids in order to alleviate their heartburn symptoms. There are plenty of perfectly natural ways to treat the symptoms of heartburn. People who experience frequent or recurring heartburn symptoms may need to try to get at the root of the… Read More »