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Drinking Lipton Peach Flavored Tea For Acid Reflux Cure

There are many home-remedies for acid reflux disease or GERD. Perhaps one of the most widespread fast-action cures is to drink Lipton peach flavored tea as a cure for acid reflux. Having heard of this particular “cure” from a number of sources, I thought it might make sense to analyze it so that you know… Read More »

6 Herbal Remedies For BV Cure For Those Who Do Not Wish to Use Bacterial Vaginosis Antibiotics

Bacterial vaginosis is an itchy vaginal infection, symptoms of which include whitish grey vaginal discharge, an unpleasant vaginal odor and pain. It affects one in every three women at some point of time or the other during their fertile years. Irrespective of whether you are sexually active or not this infection can affect you. This… Read More »

Permanent Cure For Reflux – Totally Natural, Drug Free Treatment For Permanent Heartburn Relief

Heartburn sufferers may be bemused by the title of this article as most will believe that there is no cure for heartburn. So if you are a sufferer, then you are about to learn that not only is a permanent cure for reflux possible, but it is totally natural and drug free. So, lose all… Read More »

Graviola Cancer Cure

Also known as Annona muricata, soursop or guananbaba, the possible Graviola cancer cure has been under investigation since the 1940s. This tropical plant grows in Central and South America and has been purposely grown for its healing properties for more than three centuries. The bark, fruit, leaves and roots have been utilized in folk medicines… Read More »