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Red Clover, Natures Hidden Gem For Breast Enlargement and Enhancement

Trifolium pratense to give its official latin name, more commonly know as Red Clover, sweet clover and cow clover. It is named for the pinkish purple sweet smelling ball shaped flower it produces when in bloom. Its history is that it was one of the worlds first agricultural crops ever produced and is still farmed… Read More »

Why Red Clover Herb Works For Menopause Symptoms

There is a lot of mystery surrounding herbal medicine. Conflicting studies and reports have been published on red clover herb and its efficacy on relieving menopause symptoms. But there is at least one study citing the effectiveness of this herb, also known as Trifolium pratense, done by London’s King’s College. The study notes that the… Read More »

Red Clover Benefits for the Symptoms of Menopause

Traditional medicine has valued red clover benefits for health and wellness for many years, especially for this plant's ability to relieve respiratory problems, soothe skin irritations, and less arthritic aches and pains. Current research about this perennial herb has targeted, in particular, the many ways it can help manage the various symptoms of menopause. If… Read More »

Herbs for Healing-Cleansing your blood

Kasmik shares ideas and methods of use for 3 healing herbs: Red Clover, Fennel, and Yellow Root. source

Fenugreek & Red Clover – Nature’s Natural Breast Enhancement Herbs For Enlargement

Breast Enhancements herbs, mother nature’s hidden gems. As medical science strides forward into the future, more and more we are discovering that a lot of “Wonder Drug” in the medical sciences are being found to exist in the botanical world. More and more breakthroughs are being discovered, as scientist look more and more at plants,… Read More »

Discover the Amazing Effects of Red Clover on Depression

Depression in Menopause If you are over the age of 40 and find yourself experiencing hormone-related symptoms, such as hot flashes, mood swings, and irregular periods, the chances are you have started the transitions – menopause. Peri menopause refers to the years leading up to menopause. Most women experience menopausal symptoms a few years prior… Read More »