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Controlling and Ending Chronic Pain and Fighting Hunger Pangs At The Same Time

How do you reduce your intake, and cut back on portion sizes? Especially when you are always hungry? It seems impossible. It is possible. Learning which foods your body needs will treat your hunger issues as well as your overall girth. Staying flexible will be a side benefit as well as curing any digestive issues… Read More »

Alternative Treatment For Chronic Pancreatitis

Chronic pancreatitis is a painful and ongoing inflammatory disease of the pancreas. The pancreas is an organ found on the left-hand side of the abdomen, behind the stomach. The pancreas is responsible for secretion of the hormones glucagon and insulin into the blood stream. These two hormones regulate the chemical processing of glucose, the primary… Read More »

Chronic Pancreatitis Could Mean Liver and Gallbladder Problems

What should you do after you or a loved one has been discharged from the hospital after an attack of acute pancreatitis? Should you try to get on with your life and pretend the pancreatitis attack didn’t happen? Each year, a large number of people are hospitalized with acute pancreatitis, a sudden and painful swelling… Read More »

Could a Chronic Hidden Viral Infection Be Decreasing Your Health and Vitality?

Are chronic infections a root cause of many health problems or is it more of a terrain issue? There are many opposing paradigms in medicine. An example of this is the germ versus terrain debate. One paradigm states that germs are the root cause of many diseases. This paradigm focuses on the use of antibiotics… Read More »

Herbal Treatments To Remedy Chronic Depression

Depression is a debilitating mental disorder that influences every aspect of daily life. This illness affects all segments of the population in every socio-economic group: children, adults, and the elderly. Depression is a mood disorder in which feelings of loss, anger, sadness, or frustration interfere with everyday life. This mental condition affects around 17 million… Read More »