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Chinese Medicine and Its Effect on Fertility Treatments – What it Means to You

Chinese medicine and fertility have only in recent years been seen in western countries to have anything to do with each other. The breakthrough came in 2002, when a report from a group of Chinese and German scientists revealed that patients who had acupuncture treatment to complement their IVF treatment increased their success rate by… Read More »

Tea And Food Recipes For Controlling Night Sweats In Chinese Medicine

In Chinese medicine there are some specific tea and food recipes so that you can keep night sweats which are symptoms of hot flashes to be under control. Thus in traditional Chinese medicine, it is advised that women having problems of hot flashes and night sweats should refrain from having hot and spicy foods. They… Read More »

The Difference Between Western and Chinese Reproductive Medicine

The Difference Between Western Reproductive Medicine And Traditional Chinese Medicine In Their Approach To The Treatment Of Infertility Western reproductive medicine can do the following things: promote follicular development with certain medications, promote ovulation with other medications, perform intra-uterine-insemination, and in-vitro-fertilization. Western reproductive surgeons can also perform often necessary surgeries to create a fertile environment… Read More »

Lose Weight Naturally Using the Power of Chi and Chinese Herbal Secrets

The majority of weight loss programs in the United States are based on diet alone and there are statistics that prove an overwhelming percentage of dieters gain most or all of the weight back after they stop using the program. This is where the Chinese method is different. Instead of simply trying to lose the… Read More »