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Holistic Pet Care Vs Conventional Pet Care

What is Holistic Pet Care? The definition for “holistic” is to be “concerned with integrated wholes or complete systems rather than with the analysis or treatment of separate parts”. Holistic veterinary service basically seeks to find the cause of a disease rather than to fight it symptom by symptom. It advocates displacing strong medicines with… Read More »

Find Out Why Sangre De Drago Should Be Part of Your Natural Organic Skin Care Products

Natural Organic skin care is the best plan for taking care of your skin, and one plant that can give you the highest levels of antioxidants for your skin is from Sangre de Drago. Did you know that at least 80% of the developed world’s diet originated in the tropical rainforest. Its bountiful gifts to… Read More »

Using Chamomile As an Ingredient in Skin Care Products

There are two plants known as chamomile. One is the German chamomile (Matricaria recutita), while the other is called the Roman, or English chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile). Generally, Herbalists consider German chamomile to be the stronger acting of the two. About 120 chemical constituents have been identified in chamomile as secondary metabolites, including 28 terpenoids, 36… Read More »

Usana PhytoEstrin – Nutritional Care During Menopause

Usana PhytoEstrin is an optimizer supplement developed by Usana Health Sciences, Inc. Usana produces and markets high quality dietary supplements for men, women and children. Usana PhytoEstrin is a woman-specific product that takes care of health issues during the period surrounding menopause. Menopause is associated with the stopping of the monthly reproductive cycle in women… Read More »