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Alternative Cancer Treatment From All Over the World

Chemotherapy, radiation oncology and surgery are just some of the popular treatment for cancer. These treatments have things to consider. Expense and effectiveness are the common things to think about when getting a cancer treatment. In terms of expense, there is certainly a large amount of money involved with medical treatment. The hospital fees, the… Read More »

Coming Soon: Obesity to Surpass Smoking As the Main Cause of Cancer

Cancer is a scary illness that plagues millions of people around the world. Some are fortunate enough to survive the ordeal, and others, not so much. In the integrative medicine community, it’s believed that naturopathic oncology can be very beneficial for treating and preventing all types of cancer. This is important to know because of… Read More »

Graviola Cancer Cure

Also known as Annona muricata, soursop or guananbaba, the possible Graviola cancer cure has been under investigation since the 1940s. This tropical plant grows in Central and South America and has been purposely grown for its healing properties for more than three centuries. The bark, fruit, leaves and roots have been utilized in folk medicines… Read More »

Healing of Cancer: Placebo and Nocebo – the Power of Suggestion for Good and Evil

For people dealing with medicine, the word placebo may mean many things. I remember what F. K. Yap told me. He brought some rodent tuber plants to show a patient in a hospital in Kuala Lumpur. A young doctor rebuked him. “The efficacy of the plant had not been proven”. However, for Yap, this tuber… Read More »

Heal Prostate Cancer Naturally – Anti-Cancer Foods

From a western nutritional perspective, we know that including an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats helps to strengthen our overall health, improve cardiovascular health, and create strong immunity systems. A Chinese nutritional perspective embracees those ideals and expands the role of food as medicine in acknowledging that certain types of… Read More »

Tired of Fighting Cancer? Three New Alternatives to Get Rid of Those Rebellious Cells

With new technological improvements and the growing disbelief on the classic ‘cut, burn and poison’ techniques for treating (not even curing) Cancer, new alternatives have been emerging (or remembered) that were long forgotten and very well hidden by the powers-that-be. In the age of information and new approaches on matters as health and wellness, people… Read More »

Radionic Treatments Cure Cancer

Dual Dimensions working Together. We live in a world where Macro Systems and Micro Systems work together to keep stability and yet allow evolution. The Macro Systems of Circulation, Muscle etc, maintain a Homeostatic Stability where adjustments occur relatively slowly. Whereas, the Micro Systems of Cells and Biochemistry is dynamic and changing by the millisecond.… Read More »

Naural Self-Defense Against Breast Cancer – Learning to Cope Successfully with Organochlorine Pollut

What are organochlorines? Organochlorines are chemicals found in some herbicides and pesticides, in chlorine bleach and most chemical disinfectants, and many plastics, especially PVC (polyvinylchloride). Organochlorines are implicated in causing and promoting breast cancer because they mutate genes and they cause breast cells to become more receptive to a cancer-promoting chemical called estradiol. Organochlorines weakens… Read More »