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Black Cohosh – Also Touted As a Poison Antidote

Black Cohosh: Native Americans may have been some of the first to use this herb medicinally. Native Americans used Black Cohosh in the treatment of several disorders such as gynecological disorders, sore throats, kidney problems, and depression. European settlers in the U.S. continued to use the herb to treat maladies under the name “black snakeroot”.… Read More »

Superior Herb for Night Vision – Improving Night Vision With Black Currant

A common vision complaint in America especially among drivers is the inability to see clearly at night. If you are driving at night you are particularly concerned about seeing objects clearly in low light settings.When it comes to naming a popular herb for night vision we immediately think of Bilberry Extract. However, did you know… Read More »

The Beauty Benefits Of Black Cumin Seed Oil – ‘The Seed Of Blessing’

Black Cumin, also known as Nigella Sativa, has been used to keep people super healthy for more than 3300 years. The seeds are part of the buttercup family. They are dark, thin and crescent-shaped when they are whole. These health-giving seeds are used throughout history in the Middle East, the Mediterranean or India – from… Read More »

Black Candle Magic – Can You Too Practice it at Home?

Conjurors and magicians belonging to the decade of the forties followed the instructions of Henri Gamache and started burning lights i.e. free standing tiny little candles hued in different colors. The purposes served by burning colored candles were either exerting control or influence over others or wreaking vengeance or obtaining protection from the evil or… Read More »