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Home Remedies For Bad Breath – Get Rid of Bad Breath Easily

This article helps you to get rid from bad breath, actually most people that have this problem caused by eating or drinking consumable that are particularly cause odor, although it is somewhat true. Bad breathe is mostly caused by volatile sulfur compounds in the mouth. These compounds are produced by the bacteria present in the… Read More »

Understanding Bad Menopause and How Natural Remedies Can Help

Hormonal Balance in Menopause The quality of your hormonal balance during your reproductive life will affect the quality of your transition through menopause. Like puberty, menopause is an inbuilt timing mechanism and the two together are the books on either end of your childbearing years. Think of menopause as a plane coming into land. If… Read More »

Bromide Poisoning May Be the Cause of Your Headaches, Bad Mood and Thyroid Problems!

The Symptoms of Bromide poisoning Bromide poisoning can put you in a bad mental space with dark thoughts, depression, brain fog and general lassitude. Don’t we all, from time to time? Before you reach for tonics, adaptogens, immune boosters and smart drinks let us get to grips with some of the other symptoms of bromide… Read More »

Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse – The Good and the Bad Revealed About This Product

A lot of colon cleansing diets and pills are now advertised everywhere. When we say colon cleansing, what exactly do we mean? Well, basically it is the elimination of toxins that are being accumulated in our system in a course of time. One of those more commonly-known products is Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse. A lot… Read More »