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Herbs for Hens™: Garlic (How to Plant and Use)

Herbs for Hens™: Garlic In this installment of Herbs for Hens™, I will show you how easy it is to plant garlic and how to use it in your chicken keeping. Enjoy! Subscribe to this channel to be sure and catch others in this new series. And here’s an article on my blog which talks… Read More »

Herbs for Hens™: Mint

This installment of Herbs for Hens™ focuses on mint and its many uses in your coop and home. Links to the ideas seen in the video – For Fly Control: Herbal Fly Spray – http://www.fresh-eggs-daily.com/2014/05/all-natural-basil-mint-herbal-fly-spray.html Mason Jar Fly Repellent – http://www.fresh-eggs-daily.com/2013/05/diy-fly-strips-more-ways-to-control.html For your Chickens: In the Nesting Boxes – http://www.fresh-eggs-daily.com/2012/01/nesting-box-herbs-chicken-aromatherapy.html Mint Ice Pops – http://www.fresh-eggs-daily.com/2012/06/frozen-ice-pops-mint-helps-beat-heat.html… Read More »