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10 Strategies for Improving Emotional, Mental and Psychological Background of Hyperthyroidism

Body and mind work always work together to create sickness or health. All the people I ever worked with as a psychotherapist were either unhappy, lonely, unsatisfied, in one or another aspect, stressed out or overworked and that was reflecting their health. At one point, they’ll just become physically sick. It’s the body- mind connection,… Read More »

Herbal Medicine – Part I – Historical and Philosophical Background

History Herbal medicine has been around since before recorded history. Cave paintings in France, radiocarbon-dated to before 13,000 BC, show the use of plants as healing agents. Herbalism was intimately connected to religious practices, and was frequently the jealously-guarded preserve of shamans, or “witch doctors”. The use of herbs as medicine pervades all cultures. The… Read More »