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GABA: The Natural Alternative to Anti-Depressants

For many in today's economy, life in the United States is synonymous with stress. With an ever increasing number of stress factors, Americans find themselves dependent on prescription drugs to find relief from this growing epidemic. However, those prescription drugs (a class known as benzodiazepines) are not only expensive, but possess a long list of… Read More »

Magnolia Bark: A Natural Alternative to Antidepressants?

Western medicine may consider them alternative treatment options, but in China, traditional remedies reign supreme. For more than 2000 years, the people of that land have depended on a broad range of medicine practices to promote health and treat disease. Known collectively as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), it includes various forms of herbal medicine, exercise,… Read More »

Increasing Popularity in the Use of Alternative Treatment

Millions of people are now using alternative treatment methods to deal with various medical conditions. It is common to see an individual visiting a healer instead of going to see a conventional doctor. There are various reasons why people prefer to use alternative treatment methods and one of them is the fact that they are… Read More »

Ayurvedic Medicines – A Safe And Reliable Alternative To Modern Drugs

Ayurvedic medicines are pure plant extracts that are made with the Seed, Roots, Berries, Bark, or Flower for curing the various common and some of the rarest diseases in the body. It is a long traditional way that is used over the generations for treating the disorders. In past years, the medicines have become the… Read More »

New Mesothelioma Treatment – Scared of Chemotherapy? Here’s an Alternative Method to Be Cancer Free

On November 1, 1994, Marjorie Henderson died of ovarian cancer after a 4 year battle using chemotherapy and surgery. Her husband, Bill Henderson, was convinced that the chemotherapy caused her death, so he began a six year odyssey to discover an effective, scientifically based cancer cure. His research resulted in his book called, “Cancer-Free”. The… Read More »

Healthy Healing With Alternative Medicine and Herbs

Want to relieve tight and sore muscles, alleviates flu and sinusitis, remove fatigue, heel burns and wounds, calm the nerves down, tone down insomnia, cure urinary disorders, take care of hair problems, improve the circulation of blood, increase body's immunity, keeping skin fresh and digestion system and several more … We always try to take… Read More »