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The Role Of Toners And Astringents In Treating Adult Acne

In most cases, zits and breakouts are fairly common when you enter puberty because of the hormonal changes occurring inside your growing body. Once you enter adulthood, your zits might tend to less and breakouts may seem less aggressive. But in some cases, acne can persist or start during your thirties or forties. Typically known… Read More »

Golden Rules for Natural Treatment for Pimples and Acne – Simple Rules to Beautiful Skin

Did you know that there are simple to get rid of acne problems just by follow some simple rules? In this article you will discover which they are, and how to apply them. Start With Your Food · Acne comes from the inside. And the most likely is that acne really appears as a result… Read More »

Be Free From Acne

Acne is, according to Chinese traditional medicine a result of an excess of heat and dampness. It is believed that acne is also a result lifestyle factors that create an imbalance. For example, fatty, excessively spicy foods, emotional distress all contribute to the formation of acne. Throughout a lifespan many people first experience acne as… Read More »