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Symptoms of Uric Acid – Causes and Treatment Options

The symptoms of uric acid often appear as a gout attack; normally caused by high levels of uric acid in the bloodstream. Here, you’ll discover what causes these high levels, and, what treatment options you have available to help defeat your gout. Uric acid occurs naturally in our bodies, acting as an antioxidant and helping… Read More »

3 Simple Ways to Eat Your Dessert and Naturally Cure Your GERD (Acid Reflux)

People love to eat. That statement alone carries interesting and amusing truth. People also love their sweets. Mouth-watering frosted cake, three scoops of their favorite ice cream, luscious chocolate fondue, and the list is piling up. The question is: “How can you naturally cure your GERD or acid reflux, and enjoy dessert at the same… Read More »

Revealing The Truth About Natural Cures For Acid Reflux – Peppermint and Chewing Gum

After dinner, you feel a burning sensation in your stomach. A moment later, you feel the discomfort in your chest and then your throat. Your mouth tastes bitterly. This is a condition of acid reflux. Most of times, you will pop up a few antacids to relieve the heartburn. When you don’t receive any relief,… Read More »

How to Remove Uric Acid From Blood and Get Rid of Gout Naturally

Wondering how to remove uric acid from blood naturally? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll discover how to reduce uric acid using 3 simple gout home remedies. Gout is cause by high uric acid levels in your blood. When high uric acid is present needle-like microscopic crystals can form in your joints.… Read More »

Heartburn Home Remedy – 3 Simple and Unbeatable Ways to Get Rid of GERD, Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Are you looking for a good heartburn home remedy that can help with your problem? Tired of having the frustrating symptoms when you are just about to enjoy a nice quality dinner time with your family? If you are tired of buying medication and going to the doctors and still see no improvement, then these… Read More »