Haemorrhoids: causes, symptoms and treatments

Haemorrhoids are normal swellings of enlarged blood vessels found in the rectum and anus. Not all haemorrhoids cause symptoms and require treatment. Find out more from leading colorectal surgeon, Mr Pasquale Giordano. If you would like to learn more about haemorrhoids, book an appointment here: https://www.topdoctors.co.uk/doctor/pasquale-giordano source

Herbal Medicine by A Strande Naturopath

Herbal medicine refers to using a plant’s seed, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or flowers for medical purposes. Herbalism has a long tradition of use outside of conventional medicine. It is becoming more mainstream as improvements in analysis and quality control along with advances in clinical research show the value of herbal medicine in treating and… Read More »

9 Natural Tricks To Destroy Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux affects as many as 50% of Americans! Symptoms of acid reflux include: Heartburn A burning sensation in the throat Bloating Unrelenting hiccups Narrowing of esophagus Irregular burping Chronic sore throat Heartburn is thought to be caused by excessive amounts of acid in the stomach, but this is a MISCONCEPTION. Drugs used to treat… Read More »

Medicinal Herbs – Mugwort The Prophet

Mystical magical mugwort the herb of protection and psychic vision. Artemisia vulgaris, sometimes known as common wormwood, felon herb, travelers herb, chrysanthemum weed and Sailors tobacco (used as a alternative to tobacco when supplies run low at sea) among others. Native to Europe, Asia, Africa and some parts of North America, this perennial plant grows… Read More »

Dyspepsia (Indigestion): Causes, Symptoms and Treatments | MaxCure Hospitals

This video explains about Dyspepsia ( Indigestion) Indigestion is also known as dyspepsia. The video includes the following sections: 1. What is Indigestion? 2. What are symptoms of Indigestion? 3.What are the causes of Indigestion? 4.How is Indigestion diagnosed? 5. What are treatment options for Indigestion? To Book an appointment with Dr. Mudumala Issac Abhilash… Read More »

Natural Cat Immune System Boost – A Simple Four-Way Plan to Strengthen Your Cat's Immune System

The need for cat immune system boost Like people, cats are exposed to many of the same health hazards that we are. Cat's are exposed to household cleaning products or toxins, artificial ingredients and fillers that may be in their food, and even impurities in the tap water. In general, these are kept at safe… Read More »

How to Improve Uterine and Ovarian Health to Heal Infertility, PCOS and Fibroids with Herbs

Chinese Herbal Tea to Heal Infertility, PCOS, Uterine Fibroids and Improve Uterine and Ovarian Health. This video is a tutorial on how to make a special chinese herbal tea that will help support your fertility organs and balance hormones. This special female herbal tea focuses on brewing up DongQuai root and Red Date Tea. This… Read More »

How to get harder erections Naturally | 10 Simple Strategies For Stronger Erections

Click Here For The Best Male Penis Enlargement Solution ►►https://bit.ly/2KniaYs How To Get Stronger Erection Naturally | 10 Simple Strategies For Stronger Erections How To Get Stronger Erection Naturally harder erections better erections how to get erect and stay erect stay hard longer Do’s and don’ts for that boner. The most unstable part of a… Read More »