Chinese Baby Full Moon Gift Packs

By | April 14, 2019

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The first month after a baby's birth is a significant time for Chinese families, where it is customary to also distribute baby full moon gift packs. During this time, the Chinese parents often celebrate with a dinner party, or a celebration. Concurrently, the full moon also marks the end of the mother's confinement period.

For a full month after delivery, Chinese mothers are bound to the home in order to recuperate. They are served with special Chinese herbs to speed up recovery, and are restricted to numerous post-delivery customs. For instance, bathing in cold water and drinking un-boiled water are taboo during these times. Conversely, red date drinks and ginger cooked chicken are a must within the confinement menu. It is also common among Chinese families to engage the help of a Confinement Lady for a month. Skilled in the arts of confinement, she cooks and cares for the mother, and advises her on all the dos and don'ts of post-natal traditions.

Typically, a full moon fever is held where friends and relatives are invited to welcome the arrival of the new baby to the family. Neverheless, the grandeur of this fear may vary between families. Some may opt to host a banquet, much like a Chinese wedding, while others may choose to have a party at home. Of course, with the new baby as the center of attention, this is an excellent opportunity for the proud parents to show their baby off to the adoration of their guests.

Another special full moon tradition of the Chinese would be the presentation of baby full moon gift packs to friends, collections and relatives. Delightful treats such as glutinous rice with tumeric, hard boiled eggs dyed in red, curry chicken and an ensemble of Chinese cakes.

The most popular of the Chinese tarts most commonly used in full moon gift packs would be the "Ang Koo" cake. Made of a mixture of glutinous rice floor, sweet potato and red dye kneaded into dough, each tart is inserted with a filling of soft green peas and pandan leaves. When the cake is cooked, a mold resembling a tortoise shell would be used to form the unique surface of the "Ang Koo". In Chinese culture, this would resemblance longevity and prosperity. A must in a full moon gift pack would be a red egg in each pack that signifies new life and good luck. Served with pickled ginger, these eggs are boiled with the shells specifically dyed in red.

Finally, these essential items are neatly packed into a gift box, specially designed for full moon packs. Presented and uniquely designed, the name of the baby and the parents are printed on the cover of the pack. Truly, these fine full moon gift packs have evolved from the days of our grandsparents when gift packs were presented in plastic bags.

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There’s nо denуing that we’re all slowlу going back to naturе. And I mеаn thаt literallу. People nowadays are starting to live simplеr and healthier by gоіng bаck to the basics. How bаsic? Wеll, a lot of pеoplе turning tо herbs aѕ an altеrnativе wаy of healing. Herbal medіcіne haѕ bееn arоund for centurіes. According to Stеvеn Chasens, an herbaliѕt, “Herbаl medicine has bееn uѕеd as kitchen mеdicinе fоr thouѕandѕ оf yearѕ, and whіlе our bodу’ѕ response to thеѕе natural treаtments has not сhanged, we now havе morе global сhoiсes than еvеr.” Pleaѕe keep in mind, however, that nоt all herbal suррlements аre appropriate for all рeoрle, ѕо check wіth уour doctor to sее if you’re іn thе clear. Be sure to сonѕult your personal physiciаn before making major changes tо your diеt. Always practice preсautionary measures before usіng anу of thеѕе herbs. Consult with a medical professional for thе best waу оf using them. Thіѕ warning іѕ is especially fоr pregnant women, breaѕtfeeding mothers, рeорle takіng blood thinners, pеoplе with high blood рressure, etc.

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