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Natural Ways to Dull Migraine Headache Pain

I strive to avoid getting headaches and have tracked culprits for them over several years. However, on occasion, I still get headaches and have found ways to manage them when unable to take prescription medicine. I always try to avoid prescriptions medication when possible and especially when pregnant or nursing. One of the first things… Read More »

Botox Works

Migraines is one of the most common complaints in medicine and a common reason for repetitive Emergency Room visits, yet most people who seek help for a head at ER only get partial treat or no relieve at all. If you ever had a severe migraine headache, you will never forget the experience and will… Read More »

Ginseng and Chia – Why Are They So Important For Our Body and Health With Ginchia

Most of us have heard about ginseng and have probably wondered exactly what it is and what is does. The history of ginseng goes back over 5000 years ago. The Chinese first started using the herb probably as a type of nourishment, but the soon found out that ginseng had incredible rejuvenating properties and they… Read More »

Sweaty Palms – Introduction, Symptoms and Treatment

Sweaty Palms is a common problem. Let us know about sweaty palms introduction, symptoms and treatment. Definition of Sweaty Palms The condition of sweaty palms is medically known as Palmer Hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is profuse perspiration of the body and Palmer Hyperhidrosis reiterates the condition where there is excessive sweating in palms. However, there the term… Read More »