Cabo Restaurant Review – Alexander Restuarant – Fondue and More!

By | April 15, 2019

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Situated on the marina in Cabo San Lucas, nestled amongst the many restaurants

and bars at Plaza Bonita, sits a lively little restaurant where flaming pans light up the


Fire leaps high releasing the pungent aroma of herbs and spices while oohs and

aahs escape from the mouths of diners. Passersby stop to take in the show, some

walk on but many are drawn in by the culinary exhibition. Like us, they are soon to

be fans of Chef Alex Brulhart, owner of Alexander’s Restaurant.

Alex hails from Switzerland and brings a unique culinary style – crafted in his

homeland’s alpine heights – to sea level here in Cabo San Lucas. Combining French-

influenced cuisine of Swiss origin with hints of the tropics and Mediterranean, the

menu offers something for just about any palate and craving. Twenty years as a chef

have honed Alex’s skills and the proof is in the tasting. Couple his talents with a

well-trained staff and you have the makings of a memorable dinner with friends or

that special someone.

For starters, try the Escargot Chablisienne – Snails sautéed with white wine, butter,

garlic and herbs with mushrooms. For a salad, the Caesar prepared tableside with

only fresh ingredients and under Alex’s watchful eyes is a must. Both paired well

with a Cassilero del Diablo Merlot recommended by our waiter.

Entrée selections are diverse, and while we heard great things about Alexander’s

Shrimp Tempura with a Thai coconut-chile sauce, we opted for the Chateaubriand

for two. One of many entrées prepared tableside the show is not to be missed. Chef

Fabricio Petrelli expertly prepared our entrée with a showman’s style coaxing flavor

from the spices sprinkled from high above the pan and controlling the dance of fire

that seared those flavors into the premium cut of Sonoran beef. Soon we cut into

butter-soft beef tenderloin with a rich but subtle Béarnaise sauce. Accompanied by

mashed garlic potatoes and tender-crisp fresh vegetables we were nothing but

delighted with the dish.

Seafood lovers will most certainly enjoy the catch of the day as it is a fresh as fresh

can be. Caught locally aboard boats managed by Alex, the time from catch to pan is

very short. In addition to the fresh catch, Alexander’s also offers a succulent Surf

and Turf combination featuring Shrimp and Filet Mignon, Shrimp Stuffed Chicken

Breast, Whole Lobster and Shrimp Capice – fresh local shrimp sautéed with capers

and cognac. For the meat eater, Alexander’s offers a variety of steaks as well as

lamb chops in a red wine and rosemary reduction. In addition the menu also

features a Seafood Platter for two that includes the catch of the day, lobster tail, filet

mignon and scallops. House specialties include fondue dinners for a minimum of

two people featuring cheese, seafood, beef or Fondue Bourguignon. Homemade

pastas complete the selection of entrees.

No meal is complete without dessert and Alexander’s is the only restaurant we know

of in Cabo that features the longtime Swiss favorite, fondue. Dipping fresh fruits

into a decadent chocolate fondue is an experience not to be missed. Other desserts

include Bananas Foster and a variety of crepes all prepared tableside with more fire

and flare.

For those who look for the finer things in life and believe that great food is one of

life’s greatest gifts, Alexander’s Restaurant is not to be missed. Whenever you

venture south of the border to the tip of the Baja peninsula, do yourself and your

taste buds a favor, stop in for a wonderful meal by the sea.

For more information, visit them online at

or call them at 1-817-866-6702 from the U.S. or 624-143-2022 while in Cabo. For

more information about Cabo, visit

Source by Richard P Chudy

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